Neroblacknoir creates sustainable fashion. It makes dressing an inner journey, a chance to overturn one’s beliefs and overcome one’s limits.

Clothing is our second skin, we can change it when we feel the desire to do so; from this point of view, dressing becomes essentially a game, a way to tell our stories, to reinvent ourselves.

When I create I think of a woman who is free to express herself and show herself as she is; I think of a body that must be able to move freely even in the most elegant and sensual outfit; I imagine a skin that deserves to be covered only with fibres that respect nature and the environment. This creative process involves me completely and I always come out transformed, with greater skills, with traces of satisfactions and failures that leave their mark on my hands and heart.

Continuous transformation is what allows me to create ever-changing clothes, limited editions or unique pieces, to mirror the infinite variations of the women who buy Neroblacknoir garments.


The concept of size is just a numerical convention to facilitate industrial production; we have made it a matter of evaluating beauty. A neutral instrument has become an unquestionable judge, the “right” sizes are those with certain proportions and measurements.

I want to break the mental habit of measuring the human body to check that it is ‘in line’; I want to break down the concept of size to leave room for contemplation of the perfection of each body in its unique and unrepeatable qualities.

One size fits all is not a way to standardise all the wonderful nuances of women’s bodies in an imprecise and boring way, but it is the means to free ourselves from the need to check that we are right to wear a certain garment.

Each model is designed so that it can offer maximum versatility and performance on the greatest number of shapes possible, because there are lines and materials that, if well combined, acquire chameleon-like properties and enhance the most diverse women.

Neroblacknoir works with what I call the transformable size and when this is not enough….we move on to made-to-measure, to direct contact with the customer….

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